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Wear-resistant cast iron

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Cast iron is a widely used wear-resistant material. The wear resistance of cast iron mainly depends on the microstructure of cast iron. Ordinary white cast iron is one of the traditional anti-wear materials. It has the characteristics of low production cost and good wear resistance. However, its brittleness greatly limits its application range. Alloying is an effective method to improve the performance of white iron. The addition of chromium can significantly improve the toughness of white iron and at the same time improve the wear resistance. The most representative ones are low-chromium white cast iron and high-chromium white cast iron. Low-alloy white cast iron mainly includes manganese white 13 cast iron, vanadium white cast iron, copper white cast iron and tungsten white cast iron. In our country, due to the relatively abundant chromium resources and low prices, chromium-containing cast iron still dominates the wear-resistant cast iron network. Adding alloying elements such as V and Ti to low-chromium white cast iron can improve its hardness, toughness and wear resistance [9'101. High-chromium cast iron generally contains at least 10-12% chromium, and the highest can reach 30%. Commonly used metamorphic elements mainly include: Mg, P, Zn, K, Na, B, Si, RE, Ba, etc. Among them, rare earth metamorphism is the most effective and suitable method for China's resource conditions...1. The addition of large amounts of chromium turns the M3C carbide in white cast iron into M7c3 carbide with higher hardness (Hvl300~1800), thereby improving the abrasion resistance of high chromium cast iron [121. At the same time, during the solidification process, M3C, type carbides formed isolated rod-like structures ["], which improved the toughness of high chromium white cast iron to a certain degree. Under normal abrasive wear conditions, high The wear resistance of chromium cast iron is equivalent to twice that of high manganese steel, and its wear resistance is generally better than that of nickel hard cast iron under different abrasive wear conditions. Therefore, it is widely used at home and abroad.

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